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Dear Friends,

With the launch of the new “Alain Daniélou” website, Artistic/Intellectual Dialogue and the Scientific Committee review some of the steps that have marked the diffusion and realisation of our Foundation’s activities, from the earlier Newsletter format, through ‘Indialogues’, up to our current Cahiers de la Fondation.

The first Newsletter appeared on March 1st, 2003, with the aim of keeping readers up to date on Alain Daniélou: new publications, reprints, translations, exhibitions, conferences, etc. The Newsletter gradually went beyond its original remit and ceased to be solely informative, introducing readers to a diversity of interests: specific works, artists linked to Alain Daniélou and their own works: photographs, paintings, literature, etc. The last edition of the Newsletter in January 2013 announced coming changes in the Foundation’s structure: from “Fondation Harsharan” it was to become “FIND: Fondation Inde Europe de Nouveaux Dialogues”.

The first issue of Indialogues appeared in May 2013, maintaining the spirit of the newsletter, while expanding multi-disciplinary aspects with echoes and links not only between the work of Daniélou and his contemporaries, but also with current research. With the sixth edition of Indialogues, a turning point was reached and the concept of Cahiers de la foundation was born.

Cahiers de la foundation is the outcome of discussions between Artistic/Intellectual Dialogue and the Scientific Committee, spurred by the arrival of Adrián Navigante as Director of Intellectual Dialogue. Its title reveals the editorial line of the new publication: “high-quality articles on various dimensions of Indian culture, unknown aspects of the European heritage, as well as the memory and thought of Alain Daniélou”. Gradually, activities connected with seminars and the works of collaborators who have been granted an annual “Alain Daniélou” scholarship have transformed Cahiers de la Fondation into an instrument that is independent of the newsletter. Thus, the new website, together with this new version of the Cahiers de la Fondation, will inform readers about our activities and include stimulating quality articles, without adopting an overly-hermetic academic style, addressing in an interactive manner the various fields covered by the work of Alain Daniélou in the spirit of the author himself.

This is how we view the on-line publication of FIND’s new cultural organ attached to our window on the world (our website). Les Cahiers de la Fondation are now the fruit of interdisciplinary collaboration, aimed at manifesting all the potential, not only of Alain Daniélou’s written works, but the whole breadth of his heritage, in the face of the challenge of a new context; the twenty-first century, with its post-colonial imprint and voices of dissidence against the phenomenon of globalisation.

FIND’s Cahiers de la Fondation are issued four times per year.
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