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Anthology of Indian Classical Music - 1962Recorded by Alain Daniélou for the International Music Council (Unesco) Introduction by Serge Moreux.
Ducretet-Thomson 320 C 096-7-8, 1962.

from this anthology:
Inde du Sud Les Grands Classiques Pathé-Marconi C 066-14324, 1976, 1985.

Re-edition (1985)
Vol I : Northern Indian Instrumental Music G 1508
Vol II : Hindusthan and Carnatic Vocal Music G 1509
Vol III : Instrumental and Dance Music from South India G 1510 Editions GREM, Paris.

Tribute to Alain Daniélou, New edition as a set of three compact discs by Auvidis/Unesco, 1997. This collection received the “Diapason d’Or” award and, in March 1998, the “Grand Prix du Disque”.