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“Guess if you can, and choose if you dare.”
CORNEILLE, Heraclius IV-4

Out of the land of romance came this tempermental artist. To be convinced of his ability and fame, turn to some of the exquisite drawings which embellish this epoch-making book. As Frenchie’s work adds a sprightly touch to the practical photos of this book, so does he stand among the Babbits of St. John’s. That some of the boys do not understand and appreciate “Frenchie” is quite natural, but those who know him inmost thoughts find that France has really sent to us a gift of the priceless tradition of art for which she is famous.

In his portaits of the students “Frenchie” has found the “indefinable something” that is peculiar to St. John’s men. He has found beauty in common things.

Though apparently young, the Frenchman seems very matured. In training, education and experience he is much ahead of the average boys of this country. He has a real appreciation for art, music, etc., and delights in amusing his classmates by displays of his skill. There will be little consolation to be found next fall when there is no “Frenchie” to trip lightly o’er the green or to go in raptures over a perfect feminine form.

We feel that “Frenchie” has filled a long-felt need in the life about college. May the Gods be kind to this young artist!

Date: 1927

Source: The Rat-Tat of Vision – Annual Publication of the Junior Class