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CD-Rom Alain DaniélouPainting, drawing, photos, singing, the vina, musicological and Indian studies, mythology, religion, history, society: Alain Daniélou took an interest in so many fields that it is difficult to approach them all, and even more so to unite them. Here’s precisely what Xavier Bellenger has managed to do on this CD Rom, presenting the multi-faceted work of this unclassifiable artist-philosopher and lover of beauty, with his untiring search into the mystery of creation. In a mosaic of sounds, images, texts and even a short video, we catch a glimpse of the life of this young Breton who, after the pleasures of Paris during the madcap years, went to settle first in India and then in Italy, where he ended his life. He intermingles watercolours of Venice and Benares, interviews with personalities, considerations on religion, together with futurist or Asiatic, classical or popular music, in a profusion that makes the long hours spent reading this elegant CD Rom amusing, instructive, and varied.

CD-Rom Alain Daniélou

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This absolutely first-rate production guides the reader along the ever-differing paths of the labyrinth.
Numerous links are provided between the various parts, as well.