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Album Alain Daniélou and DanceWith a view to preserving these old photos and revealing a little-known side of Alain Daniélou – his career as a dancer in the ’thirties -, the Alain Daniélou Study Centre has produced this album, which brings to life part of his artistic life prior to his departure for India, where he would dance for the poet Rabindranath Tagore. Once settled in Benares in 1937, he abandoned dance to study Indian music, learning to play the Vina, before devoting himself to Hindu tradition, culture and philosophy. In 1994, his friend, the composer Sylvano Bussotti took an interest in the music composed by Alain Daniélou in his youth, and published a small collection “Quatre danses d’Alain”, which he completed. These dances have been performed by the artist Toni Candeloro, and by others.

Alain Daniélou Study Centre, April 2011

Album Alain Daniélou and Dance – €80