Album Alain Daniélou and Dance

Album Alain Daniélou and DanceWith a view to preserving these old photos and revealing a little-known side of Alain Daniélou – his career as a dancer in the ’thirties -, the Alain Daniélou Study Centre has produced this album, which brings to life part of his artistic life prior to his departure for India, where he would dance for the poet Rabindranath Tagore…

Album Les solstices al labirinto

Album Les solstices al labirintoThe Alain Daniélou Study Centre was founded on the death of Alain Daniélou in 1994 by the Swiss Foundation set up by him in 1970.
Its 5-hectare (about 12 acre) estate in the countryside 30 km outside Rome, close to the small town of Zagarolo, includes 5 independent houses…

Album Mezzo secolo

Album Mezzo secoloRaymond Burnier died at Zagarolo in 1968 and is buried in the village cemetery. Daniélou inherited part of his estate and extended his own property, which he transferred to the Swiss foundation he had just created, giving it his friend’s Indian name. The Harsharan Foundation, Alain Daniélou Study Centre, first under his direction and then, after his death in 1994…

CD-Audio music and poetry of Tagore

CD-Audio music and poetry of TagoreThe music and the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore recorded two music CDs:
Songs of Love and Songs of Destiny.
Francesca Cassio (voce), Ugo Bonessi (piano)

With the cooperation of the Visva Bharati & Questz World, The song-poems were transcribed, translated and adapted for voice and piano by Alain Daniélou…

CD-Rom Alain Daniélou

CD-Rom Alain DaniélouPainting, drawing, photos, singing, the vina, musicological and Indian studies, mythology, religion, history, society: Alain Daniélou took an interest in so many fields that it is difficult to approach them all, and even more so to unite them. Here’s precisely what Xavier Bellenger has managed to do on this CD Rom, presenting the multi-faceted work of this unclassifiable artist-philosopher and lover of beauty…