What they have said

Alice Boner

Yesterday Alain Daniélou came to see me and I incidentally mentioned that I felt so desperately tired everytime I went up to Townshend in Kasar Devi Estate. I…

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Andrew Harvey

I met the elfin 81 year old Alain Daniélou on a cloudless late october afternoon in Paris at his apartment on the boulevard Kellermann. He is exquisitely mannered, wry…

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François Mauriac

Here is Alain Daniélou, author of Hindu Polytheism, brother of Père Jean Daniélou, and son of Madame Daniélou, who nearly founded an order and was quite possibly a…

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Jacques Cloarec (I)

Here is an interview of Jacques Cloarec on the life and the work of Alain Daniélou.

This video was realized by CanalWeb, that we thank for having authorized us…

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Lord Yehudi Menuhin

From my first association with the International Music Council of Unesco Alain Daniélou’s brilliant mind and warm heart have always tried to make us undestandable to each other….

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Ravi Shankar

“Suchs sons of our country inspite of being born alien belong to this country with their heart and soul.”

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Robert M.Lawlor

February 19, 1985 Both of us find your writing, in so many different ways, to be rare in its clarity and simplicity. As a philosopher and writer you never…

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St. John College

“Guess if you can, and choose if you dare.” CORNEILLE, Heraclius IV-4

Out of the land of romance came this tempermental artist. To be convinced of his ability and fame,…

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