A Brief History of India

Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, U.S.A 2003.
Winner of the Broquette-Gonin, Prix de l’Académie Française.
Translated from the french by Kenneth F. Hurry.

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Fools of God

Hanuman Books, Madras and New York, 1988.
Translation of one of the Tales from the Ganges.

Other translation: The Game of Dice in: The Fourth Ghost Book,
James Turner Editor, Pan Books, Barrie & Rockliff, London, 1965.

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Gods of Love and Ecstasy

The Tradition of Shiva and Dionysus
Inner Tradition International, New York, 1992.
New edition of the “Shiva and Dionysus”.

The Omnipresent Gods of Transcendence and Ectasy.

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Hindu Polytheism

With sanskrit texts and illustrations.
Bollingen Fondation, Princeton University Press, Princeton 1964.

Inner Tradition International, New York 1985.
New edition without sanskrit texts under the title The Gods of India.

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Northern Indian Music

Barrie and Rockliff, Londres, 1968.
Two volumes with sanskrits texts.

Reprinted under the title The Ragas of Northern Indian Music.
One volume without sanskrit texts, in collaboration with the Institut International d’Etudes Comparatives de la Musique, Berlin.

Réimprimé par Munshiram Manoharlal, New Dehli, 1980.

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The Complete Kâma Sûtra

Treatise of Eroticism by Vâtsyâyana
Inner Traditions International, Rochester, 1994.

The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
“With the “”Jayamangalâ”" Commentary in Sanskrit by Yashodhara and Excerpts from a Commentary in Hindi by Devadatta Shastri.
Translated by Alain Daniélou, and Co-translated by Kenneth F. Hurry.

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While the Gods Play

Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind
Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, U.S.A 1987, 2003.
Translated from the french by Barbara Bailey, Michael Baker and Deborah Lawlor.

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